Skånska Dartdistriktet

A short presentation

Skånska Dartdistriktet (SDD - The Scanian Darts Organisation) is one of the ten regional darts bodies comprising Svenska Dartförbundet (SDF - the Swedish Darts Organisation) and covers the southernmost county of Sweden (Skåne län), a province more known as Skåne (eng. Scania, ger. Schonen).
SDD consists of 16 darts clubs with a total of some 240 licensed players.

SDD arranges every year different leagues:
Herrserien (the men's leaugue) - each club may have one team in this league - the winners become Scanian champions.
Damserien (the ladies' league) - each club may have one team in this league - the winners become Scanian champions.
Reservlagsserien (the supplementary league) - each club may have as many teams as they can in this league (not for teams in the men's or ladies' leagues).

Apart from the leagues SDD also arranges Skånska Cupen (the Scanian Cup), a cup for teams.

SDD annually arranges three individual tournaments: Scandinavian Open, Vårcupen/Skåne Open and Distriktsmästerskapen (the Scanian Championships). The Scandinavian Open has been played almost annually since 1983 and is a national ranking tournament. It is often visited by foreign players (former winners).
SDD has also arranged the Swedish Open in Malmö on four occasions (1990, 1991, 1995 and 1997).

SDD has it's own office in Malmö with one full-time employee - Ronni Oredsson.

Snail mail: Norra Grängesbergsgatan 7B, 214 44 Malmö, Sweden
Phone: (46) 040 - 92 76 85
Fax: (46) 040 - 19 18 85.

A very small Swedish - English darts dictionary

Pil(ar) Dart(s)
Dart Darts (the game)
Spelare( ) Player(s)
Herr- Men's
Dam- Ladies'
Junior- Youth (up to 18)
Serie(r) League(s)
Tävling(ar) Tournament(s)
Cup Knock-out tournament
Pool Round robin
Lottning Draw
Omgång Round
Öppen/öppna Open
Kval Qualifications
Singel Singles
Dubbel Pairs (also means 'double' - 'Dubbel ingång' means 'double in'))
Korta set Short legs
Utgång(ar) Check-out(s)
Bestämmelser Rules
Måndag Monday
Tisdag Tuesday
Onsdag Wednesday
Torsdag Thursday
Fredag Friday
Lördag Saturday
Söndag Sunday

In Sweden we write dates the logical way - i.e. Year-Month-Day - when using figures.